Martin Sports and LunatiK Team up for Road to Pro

Posted by Trevor Sanna October 30, 2021 in AnnoucementsNewsRoad to Pro

Martin Sports and LunatiK Racing have teamed up to bring to you a new iRacing Road to Pro team. Martin Sports, a premier apparel provider who teamed up with LunatiK Racing in July of 2021 have agreed to form a Road to Pro team which will be named the Martin Sports LunatiKs. “The eNASCAR Road to Pro Qualifying Series is your first competitive step on the journey to the top of simracing.”   Road to Pro Qualifying Series is a direct feeder series to the  eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series, the premier Sim Racing Oval series currently offered in the world. 

Six drivers will make up the inaugural Martin Sports LunatiK roster, all with the same goal of making it into the top 70 drivers in the upcoming Road to Pro Series. The #04 car of Matthew Lee, #97 car of Jeremy Kores, #99 car of Clint Stone, #71 car of Daniel Hindre, #83 car of Brandon Gagnon, #13 car of Jordan Spoon, #20 car of Derrick Rice, and the #51 car of Pete Polini will comprise the driver lineup. All six drivers are gearing up and preparing to give it their all to make it towards the Coca-Cola Series. 

Scott Martin of Martin Sports as well as Collin McKenzie of LunatiK Racing look to create a home for these six drivers and potentially many others as they try and reach their goal of becoming some of the best oval drivers on iRacing. A place where the drivers are able to have a say on how and what happens in their driving careers. Martin Sports and LunatiK will work together to make sure each and every driver has a positive environment for them to grow and reach their full potential. 

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming series of Road to Pro as more info is released. If you are looking for any apparel needs for anything make sure to go check out Martin Sports at