Maconi Setup Shop Is Crazy Enough to Join LunatiK Racing

Posted by Trevor Sanna November 1, 2021 in AnnoucementsPartnership

Maconi Setup Shop LLC, has officially joined the LunatiK Racing family as the official setup shop of LunatiK. The Maconi Setup Shop, or MSS for short, began as a one-man operation, where Founder/Owner Jeff Maconi would build setups every week to compete in the SK and Tour Modified points championships. Over time, these setups gradually improved, and expanded to the Late Models and Super Late Models. The Maconi Setup Shop was one of the first setup shops on the iRacing platform, and remains a leading name in quality, affordability, and professionalism. Entering 2021, the Maconi Setup Shop made the bold and unprecedented move to solidify itself as a government-recognized and regulated company, by forming itself as Maconi Setup Shop LLC. This commitment to quality and legitimacy allowed Maconi Setup Shop LLC to partner with the NASCAR-owned Richmond Raceway eSports team for the entirety of the 2021 Coca Cola iRacing Series. Maconi Setup Shop’s commitment to providing high-quality setups at an affordable price has remained since their founding, and drives the company to this day. Maconi Setup Shop also offers other servies such as one on one coaching, custom paint shop, guides and more. 

Owner of Maconi Setup Shop Jeff Maconi had this to say about the partnership. “I am extremely excited to be powering the awesome team over at LunatiK Racing! When Scott Martin of Martin Sports proposed the idea, I knew it would be an amazing opportunity–a team filled with great drivers now being powered by great setups is a recipe for success all around! You can even use code LunatiK at checkout of and get 10% off your total order of individual setups, so come run with the best and pick up the same setups that the team is running! We are extremely excited for the 2022 Road to Pro campaign as well at Maconi Setup Shop, and look forward to working with the entire LunatiK team!”

“This will be a great partnership for LunatiK Racing” says Team Pricinpal Collin McKenzie. “Jeff and his team strive to provide some of the best and most competetive setups in the iRacing community. With the announcement of the Martin Sports LunatiK Road to Pro team the Maconi deal will help our drivers achieve the best results. Maconi Setup Shop will also provide access to their road setups for the LunatiK road team. The LunatiK road team look forward to the 10 hours of Suzuka coming up at the beginning of next month so this partnership could not have come at a better time. In the end we are very excited to have Jeff and his team onboard with us as we pave our way through this iRacing world.” 

You can find setups, custom paint booth, guides and more at Maconi Setup Shop’s website