LunatiK Returns to PRL for a 3rd Season

Posted by Trevor Sanna June 21, 2022 in LeagueRoad

LunatiK Racing once again returns to the Precision Racing League GT3 sprint series for a 3rd season in a row. With what started as 2 driers in the teams first season of participation making one team has grown to 6 drivers and 2 teams in season 2, to now 9 drivers and 3 full teams for the upcoming championship season. LunatiK drivers Luke Davis, and Collin McKenzie return for their 3rd season. Drew Becker of Indy Autosport and LunatiK driver Alex wright also return for the second stint in the PRL league. Joining them to round out the 9 drivers is LunatiK driver David Bush III with his first season of entry along with Rob Campbell who ran in the championship series last season as well. Nick McLaughlin who raced with Luke and Collin two seasons ago is back and will be running with the crazies. Ryan Patrick who has raced endurance series with LunatiK most recently in the North American Racing League 24hr of Watkins Glen with McKenzie, Bush III, and Becker will be joining the fold. Rounding out the list of drivers is none other than Season 2 champion Devan Horvath who chose to embrace his wild and crazy side to race with LunatiK this coming season. All 9 drivers will be broken into 3 teams of 3 as they look to conquer the series once again and Horvath looking at a back to back championship. 

The upcoming Season 3 will present the drivers with a whole new challenge as this is the first time in a number of seasons that PRL has made the choice with the number on entrees to have two divisions. A Pro class followed by an Amateur class will split the drivers to compete in their respected class. Returning Champion Devan Horvath will race alongside Indy driver Drew Becker who battled with Horvath for most of the previous season and LunatiK driver David Bush III will round out the team of three who will be racing in the pro class. The remaining six drivers will be running in the amatuer under two teams comprised of Luke Davis, Alex Wright, and Nick McLaughlin as one team and Ryan Patrick, Rob Campbell, and Collin McKenzie as the other.  

Season 2 champion Devan Horvath had this to say about the upcoming season, “I’m excited to be apart of the LunatiK team for the upcoming PRL season. This will be the most competitive season I have been apart of. I’m going to focus on the things I can control and I’m hoping to get some good results for the team.” With a strong pro field Horvath and the team look to be fighting at the front with a lot of other skilled drivers. Returning for his 3rd consecutive season with LunatiK, Luke Davis is looking to focus on the finer things this season. “My first season in PRL was way above expectations and after season 2, I realized what I have to work on. My first priority is qualifying. Last season I mentioned staying close to continued pressure. This season I feel that my qualifying spot is more important. When I looked at the data, my faster times would occur 5-8 laps in. I need to make that 1-3.”

LunatiK takes the track tonight at 9:30pm EST to start the season in Germany at Hockenheim during the sunset. Tune into RaceSpot TV tonight here: PRL GT3 Fixed & Sprint Series powered by VCO | Round 1 at Hockenheimring – YouTube to catch all the action!