LunatiK Looks to Chase Moonlight

Posted by Trevor Sanna March 21, 2022 in AnnoucementsPartnership

LunatiK Racing is proud to welcome Moonlight Speed Concepts to the ever-growing LunatiK Racing family. Moonlight Speed Concepts (MSC) is aiming to be a one stop shop for all of your iRacing needs. With Asphalt Oval and Dirt setups currently being produced as well as a paint shop for all of your custom livery ideas Moonlight is just getting started. At Moonlight Speed Concepts, we strive and thrive to be better!  We aren’t looking to just sell setups, we want to build and form a community that ALL iRacers are proud to be a part of.  Everyone deserves to be competitive on the iRacing platform, and we want to help you achieve that in a fun, friendly, and helpful environment.  With the best Customer Service available, to our builders constantly putting out updates on your purchased setups to give you options toward which setup best fits your driving style.

“Having Moonlight join the LunatiK family was just a no brainer for us.” said Collin McKenzie, Team Principal of LunatiK Racing. “With the creation of the Martin Sports LunatiKs roster we have gotten to know Jordan and Derrick very well and could not be happier to help support the two of them with their new endeavor. Moonlight strives to be the best and friendliest one stop shop in town and their values line up directly with LunatiK and made perfect sense for us to get a partnership together. Though Moonlight does not produce road setups just yet they will in the future and we cannot wait to help be apart of that. Their oval setups are some of the best in town and if you have any crazy livery ideas their painters will definitely have you covered.”

“LunatiK was one of the first real teams I was a part of that I felt connected with and really started putting time into. Once we formed MSC I knew I had to make the partnership happen with LunatiK because they are one of the best crews out there. We, at MSC, look forward to the partnership and many victories together!” says Co-Founder Jordan Spoon. MSC will be providing all LunatiK drivers with their setups as well as access to their paint shop. MSC’s logo will be present on all of LunatiK Racing’s road cars and is already displayed on the Martin Sports LunatiKs liveries. Stay tuned for some more content to come out with MSC and look for their logo wherever you see a LunatiK one!

You can find Moonlight Speed Concepts on their website Moonlight Speed Concepts – Chasing Moonlight where you are able to purchase sets and order custom paints. You can also follow them on twitter: Moonlight Speed Concepts (@moonlight_speed) / Twitter and facebook: Moonlight Speed Concepts – Home | Facebook

Make sure to be on the lookout tonight to see the MSC logo in action with the Road Teams start of the season.