LunatiK Enters the Oval

Posted by Trevor Sanna July 19, 2021 in AnnoucementsLeagueNews

LunatiK Racing has entered the competitive oval racing world with two entries into the inaugural Apex Racing League Nascar Truck Series. An 8 round series that will tackle a variety of circuits. LunatiK will be entering two trucks into the series. The trucks will be run by pro class drivers Andrew Navarro and Bradley Wilson. Both drivers are also sponsored by LunatiK Racing partner Martin Sports. The two drivers come to LunatiK from the Martin Sports family of racers to help promote the LunatiK and Martin Sports name. Some familiar faces will be in the crowd as well. Indy Autosport partners of LunatiK and Martin Sports will have multiple trucks in the field as well. 

Catch the action on Thursdays 3pm est on ApexRavingTV

For more info on the series and official schedule can be found here