LunatiK ARL NASCAR Trucks : Race 1 Daytona

Posted by Trevor Sanna July 23, 2021 in LeagueOval

LunatiK Racing made its oval debut on Thursday July 22nd, in the inaugural Apex Racing League NASCAR Truck League. Andrew Navarro and Bradley Wilson looked to start the season off strong. Both drivers qualified well as Navarro sat in P2 and Wilson in P3. Amateur driver Martin Shirley shocked everyone taking pole position. Navarro was +0.009 off pole and Wilson +0.030 behind in third. Lights went green as 30 trucks put the pedal to the metal on the historic Daytona oval. Navarro and Wilson got off to an incredible start and kept to the top of the field. They were one of the only teammates to really show great teamwork trying to push each other out in front early. They held the top 2 positions heading into lap 4. With both Navarro and Wilson on the inside line, the outside line led by Perry started to form and hang in with the leaders. Lap 4 saw Perry on the outside lose his truck smashing into Wilson who incredibly recovered from the hit sustained a lot of damage. This incident caused a monster wreck behind as the field was coming and brought out the first caution. Navarro and Wilson both pit with Wilson getting some damage repaired. This saw Navarro drop to P6 and Wilson to P18 at the restart. Lap 17 an Navarro reclaimed the lead with Wilson moving back up to P5. The remainder of the race saw excellent teamwork by Wilson and Navarro. Wilson took the lead for the majority of the race but sustained some rear damage from earlier on. As both drivers got the white flag they were first and second with Wilson leading. They raced each other for the win with Navarro edging Wilson out for the victory with for a one two finish for LunatiK’s oval debut. An incredible race by the two drivers as they dominated the field and looked to solidify themselves as top contenders. 

LunatiK will look to continue their oval dominance on Thursday July 29th, at 3pm est at Watkins Glen. The first road track in the season. A huge thank you to Martin Sports for the continued support. More pictures and standings of the race can be found on Apex Racing League’s Website here.