LunatiK ARL GT Championship S5 : Race 8 Road America

Posted by Trevor Sanna August 17, 2021 in LeagueRoad

The Wave Italy Apex Racing League GT Championship Season 5 returned back stateside at the wonderful Road America. A fan favorite track that once again should benefit the drivers who set their cars up for some more straight line speed. Nick Mathews, David Bush, and Collin McKenzie were all ready to battle the competition and obtain as many points for the team championship as they could. McKenzie came into the race holding p4 in the amateur championship and looked to fend off closer rivals. David Bush would lead the qualifying charge starting in p20 followed by McKenzie in p22 and Mathews in p27. Lights went green after a full pace lap as the entire 40 car field headed down towards the fast turn 1. Contact was made towards the front of the field sending off the Ford of Evo SR driver Mark Hutchinson causing some calamity going into the first turn. All LunatiK drivers were able to keep it clean heading down the first straight. Cars started to form a single file line heading into the carousel which followed into the kink. Some contact in Canada corner at the front of the pack again held up the back of the pack with McKenzie getting rear ended by notorious drive Jack Tingey. This hurt McKenzie’s top end speed a little but was able to still be competitive. Lap 2 saw McKenzie get a good run on the driver in front of him through the kink which saw him try and make a move into Canada corner. Unfortunately the brakes were not warm enough just yet on lap 2 to make it stick and ended up going slightly off track and losing a few positions. Bush settled in and kept it clean through race one which saw him finish in p16. McKenzie came over the line next after running his race after the off track in p19, 6th place in the amateur category and much needed points. Mathews ran into some trouble with other drivers but came home with a p26 finish moving up one spot than he started. 

The 40 minute feature race did not see any of the LunatiK driver partake in the reverse grid. The 40 minute feature race was off to a hot start as the lights went green heading down the main straight. More contact at the front of the grid made turn 1 a mine field. The three LunatiK drivers made it through unscathed with McKenzie having to slow down and avoid multiple cars giving up some positions. As the cars headed into the long straight McKenzie made a move to start regaining positions. The drivers made their way around to start lap 2 which did not go as planned for Nick Mathews. As Mathews made his way down the straight heading towards turn 5 a Porsche RSR in front of him went off track and dreadfully rejoined the track causing a collision with Mathews. This cause Mathews a ton of damage which would see him use his fast repair. David Bush was fighting in the top half of the field in a train of vehicles all trying to overtake each other. About midway through the race heading into turn 1 Bush was side by side with Evo SR driver Mark Hutchinson in his Ford. Hutchinson locked up his brakes making contact with Bush pushing him off track. Bush made contact with the wall but not enough to warrant coming in to take the fast repair. This did make him lose some of his top end speed. McKenzie had a spin around the halfway mark which dropped him back a couple of places. McKenzie continued to just run his race which saw him finish right behind P5 in the amateur championships. Bush would come home to lead the drivers in p16, McKenzie followed in p22 and Mathews in p27. McKenzie retained 4th place in the amateur championship with his points today but only by a slim margin of 9 points. 

The next race will take place after a bye week on August 29th, 3pm est. More pictures and current standings of the event can be found here.