LunatiK ARL GT Championship S5 : Race 5 Silverstone

Posted by Trevor Sanna July 19, 2021 in LeagueRoad

On a Sunday afternoon the Wave Italy Apex Racing League GT Championship Season 5 was back at Britain’s motorsports pride and joy Silverstone. David Bush and Collin McKenzie were ready to tackle the circuit as Nick Mathews was unable to attend the race. The first 25 minute feature race saw a lack luster qualifying from McKenzie and Bush who were started P20 and P23. Lights went green after the formation lap with the drivers putting pedal to the metal heading into turn 1. A rather respectful first couple of turns for the field saw barely any sliding gt cars off the circuit. It became very apparent of the gap in the field at this circuit. The lead pack just continued to pull away while other packs started to form and battle each other. It turned out to be a un exciting first race for both Bush and McKenzie who finished P15 and P20. 

Race 2 the 40 minute feature race saw Bush start in P2 due to the reverse grid and McKenzie in P20. Lights went green again and Bush was able to stay in the front back through the first couple of turns. McKenzie was not so lucky starting in the rear of the field. Some tight racing and cold tires led to a corvette in the middle of the pack spinning into the middle of the track. This led to multiple cars in the area to take evasive action with some causing more disaster. McKenzie tried to avoid but ended up incurring damage in which he took his fast repair after the first lap. Bush on the other hand incurred some damage as well with the leaders of the first race trying to get to the front of the pack. This slowed his straight line speed down enough to get overtaken by multiple racers. In the end Bush fell to P18 and McKenzie kept his P20 finish. Not the best showing for the LunatiK drivers today but they look to get back on track August 1st at Hockenheim. A two week break for the drivers as the iRacing Special Event of the Spa 24 hours will take place during the off week. More pictures and details as well as up to date standings can be found on Apex Racing League’s website here.

Huge shoutout to Martin Sports as well for the continued support!