LunatiK Adds Custom Paint for the Public

Posted by Trevor Sanna December 8, 2022 in Annoucements

With the release of the new iRacing build bringing the new BMW V8 Hybrid LMDh and the Toyota GR86 to the service LunatiK looks to start a new public paint program for multiple cars. “After a couple of seasons trying different things with paints for the team we have been able to settle on our own design language throughout all the cars on the service. Before this point only current LunatiK drivers were able to have the LunatiK paint on their cars for general and league purposes. With the start of the new season and with the release of the BMW V8 Hybrid LMDh a program I have wanted to start for a little while is starting to come into fruition. I believe we have one of the more unique livery styles on the service and wanted to share with the public without taking away from the drivers we have on the roster. We made a paint in our regular blue and white for the LMDh that we have added to for our first public paint to get the brand more awareness and to share our unique design with everyone.” said Collin McKenzie the team principal of LunatiK Racing. 

With the success that the LMDh hybrid is seeing on Trading Paints, the team will continue to add more cars with the LunatiK livery for the public to use. Hopefully by the end of 2022 a majority of GT3s, The GR86, and LMP2 will be available as well for the public to use in the standard Blue and White livery. 

If you would like to support LunatiK and run and awesome paint on the new BMW V8 Hybrid LMDh than here is the link.